The family
de Savornin Lohman is an renowned Dutch family which ancestries date back to the early 1500's. The board of it's still very lively family association contacted me in 2009 to discuss the making of a book with photographs of their family members. This resulted in exquisitely designed and valued book of which only 300 were printed, numbered and signed.

A Hundred Dutch Households was inspired by early memories of my parents, brother and sisters on lazy Sunday’s afternoons at home.
Indeed, most of these pictures were taken at similar Sunday afternoons over a period of 6 years.

Founded in 1948, The Holland Festival is still a major theatre, music and dance festival in the Netherlands during the summer. There are performances, recitals and concerts, acts and presentations in established and modern theaters as well as at outdoor locations by groups from all over the world.

A gallery based in Enkhuizen invited me to show recent work. Instead I booked myself a room in nearby hotel, stayed for a week and asked people who came my way to pose, as groups:

1. Wedded couples
2. Babies
3. Preachers
4. Widows of drowned fisherman
5. Lighthouse watchers
6. Bartenders
7. Railroad personnel
8. Preachers

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