The Faure's are a smallholder farmer family living in the southern part of France.
Until recently Hubert Faure, his wife and son in law butchered their own pigs, those of their neighbours and of the restaurant owners nearby.
After 5 hours of hard labour a 500-kilo pig is turned into countless cutlets, 1 km of flavoured sausages and a pile of black pudding.

Under the communist regime the so-called free labour union Solidarnosz was partially legalized in 1980.
A year later, the head of state and party leader general Jaruzelksi declared martial law, with public protests and massive riots as a result. Eventually all Solidarnosz leaders were arrested and the party was banned until the Berlin Wall tumbled and the Iron Curtain was raised.


... is a multimedia project. It wishes to transform the understanding of water and to raise awareness about the role water plays in peoples lives. We intend to do that by portraying children who live at the banks of five rivers on five continents. Their observations on current water issues will be revealed in stories, photography and film.


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World of Energy consists of series of photographs, each of which is taken at a different location throughout the world. It shows the wide variety of producing and consuming energy by mankind.







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